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A microbrewery or craft brewery is a brewery that produces small amounts of beer, typically much smaller than large-scale corporate breweries, and is independently owned. Such breweries are generally characterized by their emphasis on quality, flavor and brewing technique. We strive to produce the highest quality beer, focusing on the details of every batch.

Our Story

Burning Sun Brewing Company was founded by Matt Denson and Dustin Hail.  Both Matt and Dustin grew up in the Central Valley mountains, attending Yosemite High School in the 90’s.  After graduation their lives took different paths however, their love of what started their friendship – live music and beer namely – kept them connected. 


Matt and Sarah moved up to the bay area in 2005 after graduating from Fresno State.  While in the Bay, Matt began experimenting with homebrewing with a local friend and beer lover.  Homebrewing added a new and exciting hobby the list which at that time included mountain biking in the Santa Cruz Mountains and other great trail systems up and down the Bay.  As any good mountain biker knows, bombing down some epic single track almost always ends with a cold beer or two – the combination just made sense.  It would be several years later before the idea of Burning Sun would come to the forefront however, this is where it started for Matt.  Matt and Sarah have two girls, Taylor and Abby, and moved back to the Central Valley in 2015 to put down some roots, be closer to family and old friends, and unbeknownst to them at the time, make a go at starting a brewery.


Dustin and Carrie moved to Clovis in 2002. After finishing our education  the next phase in life would be a family. Carrie and Dustin have three children, Megan, Zach, and Lexi. We are all very active in the community and always looking for a way to give back. What better way  than sharing our craft.


In 2015, Dustin and Matt began the process to build out a decent home brewery in Matt’s 3rd car garage in Clovis.  It took a bit of time and money, and started with extracts, a camp stove and a lot of trial and error, but over time they began to create many unique and quality beers to share with friends, family, and of course to enjoy themselves.  Over this time, their beers have also won several local homebrew awards.


In early 2020, discussions started about how they could possibly make a go at starting a brewery of their own.  Some initial steps were taken toward achieving this initial goal – and then COVID hit.  As they continued to homebrew throughout 2020 and 2021, Matt had the opportunity to work as a brewer at two local breweries, providing valuable experience about commercial brewing, as well as owning and operating a business.  In early 2022, Burning Sun Brewing Company was born.


Were always looking for new and exciting idea's or opportunities. Let's connect.

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