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Our Work

This is the place to come check out our beers. Some are rotational and others are staples for us.


First Degree Blonde Ale

This is your all day pool or lakeside drinking beer. Soft malty notes create the sweet finish taste.

Flip Flops by the Fire IPA

This WC IPA is as clear as they come. Bursting with bold citrus flavor with very little bitterness

West coast Ipa.png
New cream ale.png

Brookhaven Cream Ale

A very refreshing Cream Ale, with a malty corn backbone. Fresh and cool on a hot day.

Pray for Rain Pilsner

Easy drinking, fresh and cool pilsner. Very smooth!! 

Pray for rain Pilsner.png
Hazy ipa.png

Not Remembering Things Clearly

Very hazy IPA with a very citrus forward flavor.

104 Pale Ale

A  Pale Ale added to our varieties of beers bring big flavor without the bitterness

104 pale ale.png
Vanilla cream ale.png

Justa Vanilla Cream Ale

A sister beer to our cream ale, with add vanilla its sure to take you back to your happy place.

To Be Peachy

An amazing combination of beer and peaches create this masterful beer.

Peach ale.png
_Stout 1 pint.png

Solar Eclipse Stout

A dark Stout with roasted Coco and Coffee, it is sure to wake you up.

Antique Road show Brown Ale

Out of the oven, like fresh bread. This malty brown ale is smooth and gives you that warm feeling of comfort food.

Brown ale.png

Chocolate Mint Cookie Stout

A dark Stout with an abundance of those special cookies that come around every March.

Los Bomberos Mexican Lager

A delightful mexican lager with built in lime flavor

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